Bill of Ethics

Bill of Ethics


-We strongly believe in moral principles and ethical values and do whatever it takes to make this goal come true.

1 - Abiding by moral principles in individual and organizational connections,accentuating commitment,honesty and frankness.

2 - Setting high valuation on professional principles in production.

3 - Promating the culture of cooperation in decision and policy making processes of the organization.

4 - Promoting knowledge and expanding organizational experiences as the main assets of the company and sharing them with colleagues,contractors,partners and all those benefiting,under the allowed company framework.

5 - Valuing punctuality and doing what it takes to meet dealines as to commitments and activities as well as respecting the rights and time of colleagues,customers and clients.

6 - Uptimal application of resources and facilities through elimination of unnecessary practices and ceremonies to achieve the highest efficiency levels.

7 - Appreciating the leading role of consumers` satisfaction in accomplishing our organizational objectives and prioritizing this throughout the production process.

8 - Considering financial achievement as a step toward the more valuable objective of manufacturing goods with the highest international standards rather than setting it as the main target of the company.

9 - Adopting a customer-oriented policy as the foundation of excellence.

10 - Appreciating politeness,courtesly,justice and fairness as the keys to survival in today`s highly competitive market.